DIY: Gothic Victorian Inspired Tshirt

In this post, I am going to show you the DIY I made on an old-fashioned Tshirt to convert it into a gothic Victorian inspired one, following the latest trends in fashion. As you will see, this is a really easy transformation, you just need to get a couple of cheap materials from your nearest haberdashery, and you will be ready to start!

img_5620YOU WILL NEED:

-An old, boring Tshirt.

-Scissors, thread, pins, needles, sewing machine (optional).

-Perforated lace trim, ribbon.




img_5622First of all, I cut the collar and buttoned strap, as shown in the picture.

After that, I folded it in half and cut the excess of cloth from the collar to make it straight, as you can see in the following img_5623picture:







At the moment, the collar of your T-shirt should look like the picture above.


Then, fold over the fabric to create a hem all over the collar. Pin it to secure.


After that, baste the collar and remove the pins.


Sew the hem. You can do it using a sewing machine or by hand. After finishing, remove the baste stitches.


After that, place the perforated lace trim around the collar, baste it and sew it.


To finish, you just need to lace up the ribbon using the wholes on the lace, and your revamped T-shirt will be ready to wear! Do this while wearing the Tshirt, it will be easier to place the ribbon depending on your preferences.



What do you think about this project? Was it inspirational for you? Are you planning to create your own version?


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