10 Reasons Not to Buy a Pet And Adopt It

In this post, I am going to give you 10 reasons to go to your local shelter and adopt an animal instead of buying it. I hope I can make you change your opinion in case you were doubting what to do…img-20140307-wa0000

1- Most pet sellers seem to ‘care’ about the animals they sell, they say they would only give you the animal under certain conditions etc… Ok, but in the end they will just care about the money. I suppose they don´t want to keep animals too grown up that nobody will be interested in. Remember their main objective is profit, so they have to sell the goods as soon as possible, as every day they keep the animal that costs them money.

2-How can you say you love your pet when you are putting them under the pressure, stress and risk of the in heat period and labor? If you are a pet lover, they become part of your family. Do you want to support people monetising their ‘family’?

3-No, animals don´t have maternal/paternal feelings. If they are not able to conceive, they don´t feel bad or traumed. They don´t need babies to be happy. They need responsible owners.

4- An animal is not ‘the latest designer trend’. You are supposed to love them as they are, just as you do with your beloved ones, with their virtues and defects. Don´t go for an animal just to look cool showing them up with your friends or on the street. Unfortunately, consumer world has reached animals, so you can see an increase of certain breeds during some periods. After the hype is gone, where are those animals?

5- A grown up pet can adapt to you and your home perfectly. There´s a myth saying baby pets adapt better. Under my experience, I can say that is not right. Plus if you adopt an adult animal, in the shelter they can tell you what kind of behaviour they have (i.e. a playful one if you have children, a quiet one for an elder person…) so you can get a pet whose behaviour adapts better to your situation.

6- You can find all kinds of animals in shelters: babies, adults, senior ones; small or big; lovely or independent; from certain breeds too (irresponsible owners buying pets as a ‘designer trend’ or ‘child present’). Just give them an opportunity and you will certainly fall in love with one (or more).

7- Adopting a pet you are not only giving them a home, shelters get an empty place for another animal in need, so in the end you are helping two!

8-Animals from shelters are given into adoption perfectly healthy, checked by vets. If they have some known health issue, you will be explained how to treat it.

9- Every time you see your pet happy and protected, you will feel extremely satisfied for giving them a new opportunity. They will also be grateful with you, as they could understand what you did for them. You both will develop a really close relationship.

10- Do you still need more reasons? Just try the experience, and keep in mind The Beatles song Money can´t buy me love.



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