10 Reasons Not to Buy a Pet And Adopt It

In this post, I am going to give you 10 reasons to go to your local shelter and adopt an animal instead of buying it. I hope I can make you change your opinion in case you were doubting what to do…img-20140307-wa0000 Continue reading “10 Reasons Not to Buy a Pet And Adopt It”


DIY: Gothic Victorian Inspired Tshirt

In this post, I am going to show you the DIY I made on an old-fashioned Tshirt to convert it into a gothic Victorian inspired one, following the latest trends in fashion. As you will see, this is a really easy transformation, you just need to get a couple of cheap materials from your nearest haberdashery, and you will be ready to start! Continue reading “DIY: Gothic Victorian Inspired Tshirt”

My Experience Volunteering In a Cat Shelter (And Other Random-Related Stuff)

As in my first post I talked about my experience working as a CSR, on the second one I am going to tell my experience volunteering for a cat´s shelter for about four years, and also rant about other animal-related things. Continue reading “My Experience Volunteering In a Cat Shelter (And Other Random-Related Stuff)”

On The Other Side of The Line… Experiences as a CSR

I am quite sure you had tcsr-customer-service-representativeo call more than once to a phone customer service line to sort out some issue. I feel even surer that the simple idea of doing it made you feel angry beforehand. As a person who worked for more than a year as a CSR (Customer Service Representative) over the phone, I am going to tell you my experience briefly. Continue reading “On The Other Side of The Line… Experiences as a CSR”


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Dear readers,

This blog will contain my personal experiences or opinions on a wide variety of topics. I want to share with you my thoughts about living in the UK, random things I like or dislike or just rants about modern living. Of course, I will also share information about my beloved animals: cats!

The main reason for starting this blog is to be a weekly exercise to improve my writing skills in English, as I am planning to get my Proficiency certificate soon. As I have also studied Translation and Interpreting, I like transmitting ideas and creating original writings and this is a new channel to express myself.

Hope you enjoy it as much as myself!